Bernard Greenhouse

Bernard “Bernie” Greenhouse, 1916-2011, was “the dean of American cellists.” A student of the leading cellists of his day, Felix Salmon, Emmanuel Feuerman, Diran Alexanian and Pablo Casals, he raised American cello performance to new heights in his acclaimed performances and recordings with the Beaux Arts Trio. A long time resident of Wellfleet, Massachusetts, Bernie established a tradition of inviting cellists to study at his home on beautiful Cape Cod. Informal concerts were held at The Wellfleet Library as an opportunity for students to develop their performance skills and musicianship. Cellists from all over the world flocked to Wellfleet to study with the master, seeking a unique educational experience. The Wellfleet Library provided local audiences and Cape Cod visitors with the opportunity to enjoy world-class cello playing in an idyllic setting.


CelloFest is a continuation of the Greenhouse legacy in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. During the month of May and into early June, 2016, Cellist and Artistic Director Kate Dillingham in collaboration with The Wellfleet Library will present an exhibition and a series of performances, discussions, and a public masterclass for students. The exhibition includes archival material about Bernard Greenhouses’s early studies and celebrated career from the world’s leading cello archive, The Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. A portion of the exhibition will feature life size images of his famous “Countess of Stanlein” Stradivarius violoncello provided by Reuning & Sons Violins of Boston. The second printing of the edition of the Sonatas for Violoncello and Keyboard BWV 1027-1029 by J.S. Bach co-edited by Bernard Greenhouse and Kate Dillingham for G. Schirmer, Inc. will also be featured in a performance and a discussion. For more information on the edition, view “Back to Bach” with Bernard Greenhouse and Kate Dillingham.

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